Ian McLaughlin:

Associate of Arts: Landmark College

Bachelor of Arts: Occidental College

Master of Education: University of Minnesota

Ian is a cis-gender white man born and raised in New York, New York. At Re-Imagine Education we believe it is important to lead by naming our identities and the positions of privilidge we hold in society. We believe it is precisely due to these positions, and the privileges that come with them, that require us to be on the front lines working to deconstruct oppressive systems which, literally in far too many cases, cost oppressed people their lives, but also come at a price for those of us occupying positions of privilege.

It is also important to name that School never came easily to Ian as he was diagnosed with both dyslexia and ADHD growing up. Ultimately, he decided education was the perfect place for him. He has taught as a classroom special education teacher for seven years, a special education coordinator for 4 years, and an adjunct professor of special education at the undergraduate and graduate level for five years.

Ryan Williams-Virden:

Ryan is a cis-gender white man from Northeast Minneapolis. While Ryan helped to Co-Found Re-Imagine Edcuation in 2017, he has since left the organization in order to give him time to focus on other powerful and justice oriented endevours.