Unit 5: Intersectionality (Paper Copies)

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Unit intersectionality box set.PNG

Unit 5: Intersectionality (Paper Copies)

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Includes printed copies of student books, exit tickets, teacher edition, and digital copies.

Student Booklets:
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Overview: This unit covers the topic of intersectionality from its creation by KimberlĂ© Crenshaw to how an interactional analysis applies to different systems of oppression, including pay gaps, classism, homophobia, genderism, sexism, and racism.

Purchase Includes:

  1. Student Booklets with 15 Lessons (including Do First, Guided Reading, & Extention Activity) - choice between 25 booklets or 100 booklets
  2. acket of Exit Tickets Printed for All Lessons
  3. Teacher Edition of Student Booklet with Answers filled in and Instructions
  4. CD Containing Digital Copies of all Materials