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What Does This Micro Curriculum Set Cover?

In the week long unit students examine why Colin Kaepernick first began his “Taking a Knee” protest, the history his protest builds on, as well as the consequences and legacy of his protest. (Read for more information about Colin Kaepernick)

Who is This Curriculum Set Designed For?

This Curriculum Set is designed for high school and junior college students, though it can be adapted for middle school students. It provides strong close reading lessons for any Social Studies or English Language Arts class rooted in social justice.

What is Included in This Curriculum Set?

This set includes a total of 5 Lesson Packets (see topics below). Each Close Reading lesson packet comes with student and teacher copy of lesson; Additionally, all close reading lessons include a Do First, Close Reading with Text Dependent Questions, Extension Activity, and Exit Ticket. Purchase also includes teacher instructions. In total there are 13 files and over 25 pages of student activities.

Unit Outline:

  • Day 1: Taking a Knee - The Beginning of the Protest (Close Reading Packet)

  • Day 2: Taking a Knee - Historical Context (Close Reading Packet)

  • Day 3: Taking a Knee - The Backlash (Close Reading Packet)

  • Day 4: Taking a Knee - Collusion and Legacy (Close Reading Packet)

  • Day 5: Final Assessment & Closing Circle (May take two days)

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