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In Re-Imagine Education’s School to Prison Pipeline Unit students discover U.S. History in Reverse ultimtely learning about the historical origins of the School to Prison Pipeline. First students learn about the connection between Schools & the Prison Industrial Complex and next they uncover the historical roots that lead to our current system through 15 Print & Go, Standards based Lesson Plans covering The Drug War, Black Power Movements, Brown Vs Board of Education, Redlining, Jim Crow, Education during Slavery and more... Fnally, students analyse the purpose of public education, and ultimtely create their own proposals to deconstruct our cur current systems of oppression.

School-to-Prison Pipeline Unit Outline

  1. Close Reading Lesson: What is the School-to-Prison Pipeline?
  2. Close Reading Lesson: The Privatization of Prisons (90s & 00s)
  3. Close Reading Lesson: Reagan & the War on Drugs (80s & 90s)
  4. Close Reading Lesson: Black Panthers & Black Power (60s & 70s)
  5. Close Reading Lesson: Police Integration Into Schools (50s & 60s)
  6. Close Reading Lesson: Brown Vs. Board of Education (50s)
  7. Close Reading Lesson: Redlining and Housing Segregation (40s-70s)
  8. Close Reading Lesson: Jim Crow (1890s-1950s)
  9. Close Reading Lesson: Black Codes and Violence (Late 1800s)
  10. Close Reading Lesson: Slavery & Education (1600s to 1800s)
  11. Close Reading Lesson: Purpose of Public Education
  12. Close Reading Lesson : Schooling vs. Education
  13. Project: Create Your Ideal Educational System
  14. Assessment Lesson: School-to-Prison Pipeline Unit Final Test
  15. Discussion Lesson: School-to-Prison Pipeline Circle Questions