Overview: This unit provides an introduction to race and whiteness. This unit is not meant to be an exhaustive lifelong study of race, but a beginning step for students to understand the five races in America and the systems of oppression that maintain privilege for the few. This unit covers foundational vocabulary to teach the differences between race, culture, and ethnicity, as well as the creation, purpose, and impacts of whiteness.


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Race Unit Outline:

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  1. Presentation Lesson: Introduction Vocabulary

  2. Presentation Lesson: A Very Brief History of Race in America

  3. Close Reading Lesson: The Social Construction of Race

  4. Close Reading Lesson: How Whiteness Was Made

  5. Close Reading Lesson: Reverse Racism?

  6. Close Reading Lesson: What is Anti-Blackness?

  7. Close Reading Lesson: Race-Based Drug Laws

  8. Project Lesson: Create Laws to Deconstruct Whiteness

  9. Close Reading Lesson: The Erasure of Native People

  10. Close Reading Lesson: Racism and Undocumented People

  11. Close Reading Lesson: The Model Minority Myth

  12. Close Reading Lesson: Racialization and Islam

  13. Close Reading Lesson: LatinX and Expanding Whiteness

  14. Assessment Lesson: Race Unit Final Assessment

  15. Discussion Lesson: Race Unit Closing Circle Questions

Indivisual Lesson Plans about Race