Teacher Testimonials

Kristy M., “Thank you for making this great resource available!” (March 27, 2019)

Kanika J., “Put together well. Easy to use. Great resource.” (March 25, 2019)

Ashley H., “Thank you for this resource. I paired it with another unit I purchased to teach with my unit during January to prepare my students for our MLK rally.” (February 19, 2019)

What People in Field of Justice Say

While there are countless "diversity curricula" out there, U.S. P-12 education is in desperate need for more social justice curricula. The work of Re-Imagine Education is a response to this need. The analysis is deeply in line with HCG's focus on social justice being about looking at systems and history as it pertains to both how targeted groups experience oppression and how dominant groups are benefited by them. Re-Imagine Education takes a deep and critical approach to social justice content while still being accessible and grade specfic.

We at HCG are delighted to highlight this curricula and thank Ryan and Ian for their work in bringing it forward. 

Robin DiAngelo, PhD

Re-Imagine Education (RIed) recognizes all education as inherently political. As teachers with years of experience in teaching and activism, they are committed to helping students develop the competencies of self-knowledge, multicultural awareness, critical social analysis, and sociopolitical engagement. Their ultimate goal is to support all students and enable them to act against social injustice in their lives and future professions. This is a courageous and compassionate undertaking and I have the utmost confidence that RIE is up to the task. If I had a school-aged child, I would settle for nothing less than the excellence RIE brings to the leveraging of education as a tool of transformation.

- Robin DiAngelo, PhD educator and author of White Fragility: Why It's So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism.

Garrett Naiman, EdD

Re-Imagine Education encourages teachers to engage students in what bell hooks calls “education as the practice of freedom.” Their exciting and deeply thoughtful curricula challenges students to claim agency in their own learning and to become critical young scholars who apply their knowledge in ways that make the world around them more socially just. It is clear that RIed is committed to seeing classrooms become transformative spaces where students are equipped with the tools needed to be change agents and movement makers in their schools, communities and beyond.

- Garrett Naiman, EdD, Executive Director, UC Berkeley Center for Educational Partnerships

Finally! A relevant, rigorous and engaging social studies curriculum that examines the racial, socioeconomic, hetero-patriarchal, geopolitical landscape which calls students in and encourages them to become agents of change.

- Tiffany Williams, Director of Equity & Inclusion for Hiawatha Academies Charter School Network

Tiffany Williams