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What Does This Curriculum Set Cover?

What did Congress just pass? Why was there a protest last week? How does what just happened connect to history and social justice? Ever looking for materials to teach your class about a current event that just happened? Crash Course: Mini Units on Current Social Justice Events provides just that. This set covers a range of social justice topics, which are continuously growing. See below for more information on individual topics.

Who is This Curriculum Set Designed For?

This curriculum set is designed for high school and junior college students. It provides short units (roughly one week long) in response to current events in social justice. The texts in this Curriculum Set range from high school to graduate level, and the lengths of the texts and scaffolding of questions depends on the level of the reading. All questions are text dependent and aligned to both ACT and National Core Curriculum Standards.

What Does Each Crash Course: Mini Unit include?

Mini Units vary in how many lessons they contain, so click on individual units for a more detailed description of what is included. Generally, most Mini Units have five 60-minute lessons (one week's worth of classes), including four close reading lesson plans and one project/closing quiz lesson plan. As with all Re-Imagine Curriculum, all units come with instructions, student packets, and teacher packets with exemplar answers.

Purchasing Options

Units must be purchased separately. Click on each unit for individualized unit purchasing options.