Mission Statement:

To build curriculum that nurtures highly skilled critical thinkers capable of and motivated to be truth-tellers and change makers in the world.

The Why:

Education is a perpetual topic of debate and conversation; from the Oval Office and the halls of Congress to dinner tables across the country, education is on our minds. For good reason. We know that education has the potential to solve the world's most pressing issues, but only if that is its goal. For too long education has been relegated to being the mechanism for social reproduction. If you are rich and white your schooling reproduced and reinforced access to institutional  power. If you are not rich and white your schooling reproduced and reinforced the barriers to institutional power that perpetuate social inequity and injustice. It is this sad reality that gave birth to Re-Imagine Education.

Re-Imagine Education aims to be more honest about the realities at the root of social inequity and injustice in our country to, as Paulo Freire encouraged, teach students to read the world as well as the word. We understand that as cis-gender, heterosexual white men we have a responsibility to speak out and to deepen our collective understanding of the ways the dominant worldview damages our own well-being, our connection to community, and even our very existence. Re-Imagine Education’s curriculum seeks to bring into focus the ideologies and worldviews at the root of social injustice, particularly what bell hooks calls the “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy,” for the sole purpose of dismantling them so that a new, more just future can begin to take shape.

Because Re-Imagine’s curriculum is relevant students are engaged and invested in the exercises and activities, resulting in an increase in the skills that are so often measured through testing and reported as opportunity gaps. We believe in the transformational power of the production of  knowledge and in the ability of schools to be sites for that production. Our curriculum aims to be a catalyst for justice.