Curriculum Products Overview

We offer a variety of curriculum products (electronic and print copy), including semester-long curriculum sets, three- to four-week long units, and daily close reading lesson plans. Each of our Curriculum Sets contains at least four–six units, and each unit contains 15 no-prep lessons (including 10–11 close reading lessons, one introductory lesson, one project lesson, one final assessment, and one closing circle). All lessons include a lesson plan, student packets, and teacher packets. Curriculum products can be purchased as whole sets (roughly one semester of lessons), individual units (three–four weeks of lessons), or individual no-prep close reading lessons. Read about our Curriculum Sets below and click on each link to learn more.

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Intro to Critical Literacy: Read the Word and the World

Provides an introduction to race, class, gender, and intersectionality. This Curriculum Set can stand alone as its own course or provide a great first semester to begin any year-long study in Civics, Human Geography,  U.S. History, or Sociology.

Grade Level: High School to Jr. College

Contents: 5 Units (75 Lesson Plans)

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U.S. History in Reverse: Track Current Events to their Historical Origins

Each unit focuses on a different current social justice issue. Within each unit, lessons trace the historical origins of the issue moving from the present to the past. The units ultimately uncover core  U.S. History content like the invention of race, genocide, and the treaty of Guadalupe.

Grade Level: High School to Jr. College

Content: U.S. History,  School to Prison Pipeline, DACA, Police Cameras, Media and Politics, and Education

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Human Geography: An Intersectional, Anti-Colonial Lens


Explore Human Geography from the rise of agriculture through colonialism and past the War on Drugs, all with an intersectional, anti-colonial framework.

Grade Level: High School to Jr. College

Content: 5 Units (75 Lessons)