What is the Accountability Panel?

As cis-gender white males, the founders of Re-Imagine Education understand that given their privileged status they need to be held accountable while creating curriculum that refers to groups of people without privileged statuses in America. As such, the Accountability Panel reviews the  lessons throughout Re-Imagine Education's curricula to ensure that the voices and depictions of people who are not cis-gender, white and male are truthfully represented.

Who is on the Accountability Panel?

Our Accountability Panel is made up of a diverse group of people, including educators, experts in racial, gender, and/or class studies, and advocates for social justice.  The panel currently includes people who identify as Black, LatinX, or White; people who identify as women or transgender; and people who have intersections at different combinations of listed identity markers. We are always adding members to the panel to increase diversity and accountability. Please note: there are NO cis-gender white men on the accountability panel. If you are interested in being a member of the panel, please contact us on our Contact Us page and let us know your interest in the notes section.